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Degenrative processes which affect the intervertebral disc. Most commonly ,the major change is that of osteophytosis , the formation of bony spurs along the junction of the vertebral bodies and the corresponding intervertebral discs.

Measuring Severity of the Scoliosis

Cobb’s angle is the index, which determines the severity of scoliosisand type of therapeutic intervention. Clinically it can be detected early by sighting down the spine. In children if rotation starts even with a mild lateral curve ,Milwaukee brace has to prescribed .Curves less than 20 degree need counseling and frequent cheek up.Curves >20 degree to <40 degree need to be controlled by the brace and exercises for at least two years.

Exercises prescribed are:

*Strengthening the lateral flexors of the convex side.

*Stretching the lateral flexors of concave side.

*Spinal stabilization exercises.

*Breathing exercises–deep diaphragmatic breathing exercises / chest expansion exercises.

Curves >40 degree require surgical correction.

Scoliosis can be progressive , therefore frequent check up and X-ray reports of spine periodically would help in handling the condition effectively.

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